Our company offers a variety of services at your disposal to create the perfect custom product for your needs. You can select a number of these services at once to add unique details and functions to your project and realize your vision.


Laser Cutting: Laser cutting acrylic produces astonishing results from large geometric shapes to minute, intricate details. Every corner and edge is polished to glossy perfection as the high powered laser cuts through the acrylic material. Not only are the polished edges beautiful to look at but they serve a function by dulling down any sharpness that could cause injury.  


Cut-to-Size: Custom sized acrylic sheets are as simple as can be. Any acrylic, plexiglass, or polycarbonate material can be cut down to the size you need. All you need to do is select your material of choice and provide the dimensions.


UV Printing: Create stunningly crisp images, clear graphics and fonts with precise color match that will last essentially forever. UV ink dries instantly and is chip and fade resistant. The colors maintain their hues and shade even when in direct sunlight, making it an excellent option for outdoor signage. UV Printing is an incredibly time efficient automatic technique, helping meet deadlines for your project. 


Screen Printing: A classic technique that accomplishes brilliant color payoff and sharp image quality. The process involves using a rubber blade to push ink through a silk screen and stencil directly onto the material. This technique allows you to use your direct colors, if you have a specific color for your brand. Unlike with UV Printing, screen printing allows for the use of metallic and glitter inks for your project. However, this process does require some time as each product is screen printed by hand.

Acrylic Engraving: Our laser cutter not only cuts out perfect polished shapes but it also creates high quality, custom engravings onto the acrylic surface. You can engrave names, words, phrases, or entire paragraphs in any font of your choosing. Additionally, you can also engrave logos, images, symbols, and more. Engraving is permanent etching into the surface of an acrylic surface, depth varying depending on the material thickness. 

Thermoforming Plastic: The best way to achieve perfect cylindrical or more contemporary shapes for your project is through thermoforming. Thermoforming works in two ways: heating up the entire plastic material in a specially made oven until it is pliable or heating a specific area on a heated spiral to create seamless folds. This works best with thinner material but thicker acrylic can also be used. The oven warmed up material is then placed on a custom made mold depending on the shape desired. These techniques are fantastic for creating fluid, rounded shapes that can be near seamless depending on your project. 

CNC Cutting: CNC cutting is simple but effective. It uses a computer program that automatically maps out a route for the machine to cut. CNC can produce straight lines and curves perfectly each and every time. This is an ideal alternative to the laser cutter for simpler projects that don’t need fine details.